Why TechSalesCraft

Why TechSalesCraft?

We believe there is a craft to selling technology and to technical sales. In our fast-paced modern society, sometimes the idea of “craft” – taking raw materials and making something beautiful and functional – gets overlooked. Craftsmanship takes time and improves with knowledge, and the collective experience we bring to our work means we can develop solutions that meet your specific needs. We are highly successful at aligning technical sales with business goals while building partnership and trust with sales leaders and across organizations, and we’re passionate about building relationships and engaging with clients as coaches and mentors.

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Employees taking tech sales calls

What we offer

We help you take your early idea and get it to revenue. Whether you’ve got a concept, a pre-beta phase technology, or a product you’re already selling, TechSalesCraft can join the process and get it completed.

Who We’ve Served

  Juniper Networks

  US Government
  Other Carriers, Hyperscalers, and Fortune 500 Enterprises

What They’re Saying about TechSalesCraft…

Fractional services

“TechSalesCraft was able to take a prototype product leveraging multiple cloud and security technologies and deliver effective customer demos with less than a week of engagement. Scott did this by leveraging his industry experience, knowing where he had to dive in, knowing where he had to rely on other experts, and script the demo in a way that was meaningful to the customer.”

James Dirksen, President, Solutional Inc.


“Scott has a unique combination of Customer Success and Industry Technical Acumen. He is always focused on Customer Value and has been a Trusted Partner to the customers he’s supported. His partnership with Sales Executives and his Technical Sales Leadership produced business and personal growth for all of those around him. Scott is easy to work with and highly motivated to succeed.”

Anthony Cioffi, Veteran Sales leader

Team Building and Mentoring

“I worked with Scott to rapidly build an Americas Sales team. Because we had major customer demands in front of us, we needed to hire top talent fast. He was able to help me target and quickly recruit key talent with his great industry relationships and people skills. His ability to mentor his team, keep them in sync and motivated was second to none.”

Darlene Corrubia, Global Talent Acquisition Leader – Network and Infrastructure


“Scott has been impressive in every role he’s taken on, be it Professional Services, Technical Sales, or CTO. He has a rare combination of skills, blending his ability to think strategically, understand and manage tactical actions coupled with great professionalism and EQ at every level. Scott listens carefully, assesses the points of the discussion, and can communicate a strategic vision at the appropriate level for that specific conversation. Scott has the mixture of all qualities that should be present in every leader. He is truly appreciated for his knowledge, innovative power, the focus on helping his team grow, and for his loyalty.”

Charles Johnson, Customer Success Executive